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Illinois Monument, Andersonville National Cemetery, Georgia

In 1907, the State of Illinois funded a monument in memory of the state's 889 soldiers who died in the infamous Confederate military prison camp at Andersonville, Georgia. Almost 13,000 died of the more than 45,000 Union soldiers who were confined there. Sculptor Charles Mulligan and Illinois state architect Carbys Zimmerman collaborated on the memorial design. The monument features a large figure of Columbia pointing to the future, with allegorical figures of Youth and Maiden in front of her, representing the nation’s future. The figures are cast in bronze and stand upon a granite pedestal. The pedestal is inscribed with the last clause of President Lincoln's First Inaugural Address and the last clause of his Gettysburg Address. On either side of the pedestal are figures representing veterans of the Civil War carved in granite. The monument was dedicated on December 20, 1912.

Creator: Charles Mulligan

Date: 1912

Source: Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, Georgia