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"Put up a Picture in Your Room," Godey’s Magazine and Lady’s Book (1848)

In the 1860s, Godey's Magazine and Lady's Book was the most successful woman's magazine in the United States, with a circulation of 150,000, and an estimated readership of a million. Published monthly, Godey’s provided middle- and upper-class American women with fiction, fashion, illustrations, editorials, and articles on homemaking. Founded by Louis A. Godey in 1830, the magazine was edited by Sarah Josepha Hale from 1837 to 1877 and became influential as an arbiter of American taste. As low-cost color prints became available, articles such as this one in the January 1848 Godey’s Magazine encouraged women to hang them in as many rooms as possible.

Creator: Leigh Hunt

Date: January 1848

Publisher: Godey’s Magazine and Lady’s Book

Source: American Social History Project