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Appearance presented by the ditch & on the Southern Slope of Battery Wagner, the Morning after the assault.

This sketch, drawn in July 1863 and published two months later in the Illustrated London News, depicted the grim aftermath of the attack led by the Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Colored Regiment on the Confederate fort in Charleston harbor. The eyewitness sketch by the newspaper’s special artist Frank Vizetelly, the only pictorial journalist to cover the southern perspective of the war, was dispatched to England on a British ship that managed to evade the Union Navy’s blockade of southern ports. With the exception of the bolt of lightning stabbing down from a thundercloud over Charleston, the engraving published the September 26, 1863 edition of the Illustrated London News closely resembled Vizetelly’s drawing.

Creator: Frank Vizetelly

Date: July 19, 1863

Source: Houghton Library, Harvard University