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Matthew Somerville Morgan, The American War: Cartoons (1874)

British pictorial commentary on the Civil War was not limited to the satirical weekly magazine Punch. In 1861, another magazine called Fun began publication, and until 1865 more than a third of its weekly cartoons were about the American war. Fun's chief cartoonist was Matthew Somerville Morgan, an experienced illustrator and theater scenery painter. His cartoons were less symathetic to the Confederacy than Tenniel's Punch drawings—but they were still critical of the war and its endless bloodshed. In Morgan's hands, Lincoln was an even more theatrically villainous and grotesque character than portrayed in Punch. By the time this collection of Fun Civil War cartoons was published in 1874, Morgan was in New York working for Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.

Creator: Matthew Somerville Morgan

Date: 1874

Publisher: The American War: Cartoons - London: Chatto and Windus

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